A Day In The Life of The Emerson Family

POSTED IN A Day In The Life, Children, Editorial, Lifestyle July 18, 2013

I spent the whole day with this fun family. Starting with breakfast. Purple pancakes to be exact. Instantly I felt at home. I have five sisters so I had no problems relating to the Emerson girls. This family lives and breaths in an amazing┬ámid century world which I didn’t want to leave. Mid Century decor has my heart. I was instantly inspired on so many levels. Each member of this family is so unique in their own way and were so kind and welcoming to me from the start. I am constantly feeling blessed to have clients like the Emerson family who get my approach and give me the creative freedom to help my visions come to life.




  1. OH! I have a special place in my heart for families with three girls. This household seems very familiar to mine. Bravo capture Cary!

  2. These are FABULOUS!! Great work! :)

  3. my gosh, cary!
    These are incredible. Seriously. I think you captured it all so perfectly. High five, lady!