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Sept 13, 2012

I think it’s important to do the things you love in life. Trained as a teacher, what I know about myself is I genuinely love to be around people. I get energy from it. I am inspired by people. I learn something from each person who is in my life. My aunt tells me I gather bits and pieces from the people I’m around much like she picks up rose rocks in my native state of Oklahoma.


One day, several years ago, I picked up a camera. It felt really good. It felt so right. I started taking pictures of my large family and I’ve never looked back.


They loved how I told the story of our family life experiences and before long, friends wanted me to tell the their stories with my camera. Photography, as I am experiencing it, is a six degrees of separation experience and now, with my camera, I tell the stories of the lives of people who know people who know people. You get the idea.


The stories of my clients are a documentation of many of life’s big events – birth days and birthdays, engagements, weddings, holidays. The smaller, subtler stories – the moments that fill quiet spaces in the lives of the people I photograph –  take on qualities that reflect the intimacies and nuances that make up a person’s or a family’s life. I call these shoots a day in the life. I love those moments that define a person or a family, much like “A Day in the Life,” helped define the Beatles more than 40 years ago. Both are timeless which is what I strive for in my photography that I consider documentary or lifestyle photography as much as it is environmental portraiture.


I recognize how fortunate I am to do something I love everyday. I am grateful. I remain in a state of awe because I get invited into the lives of people at the most significant points in their lives, or for the simpler moments that find their way into the lens of my camera. Each time I am honored to document a big occasion or a small moment, I learn from the people I photograph. This fuels my heart and my creative soul.


Cary Anne Holton


  1. Janell says:

    Doing something you love = never having to work! Great post!

  2. We saw you on the Brides of Oklahoma blog and just wanted to say that we love your work! You have a beautiful style and can defiantly tell you are passionate about people! awesome job.

  3. cary holton says:

    Thank you Lauren and Kalli!!