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A Morning With The Bradford Family

POSTED IN A Day In The Life, Babies, Children, Lifestyle September 6, 2012

I went over to the Bradford family’s house a couple of days before the shoot to meet this adorable family. The beautiful new mother Keri welcomed me at the door with her newest member of the Bradford family baby Frances in her arms. Hattie, their youngest was sitting on the couch in her panties watching cartoons. When I came back on the following Friday to shoot them this is exactly as I wanted to shoot them. In their natural state in their natural environment. Their home was located in beautiful Mesta Park in midtown OKC. They spent the last two years remodeling their home (which is basically my dream home). All the natural light in this house was so inspiring to me. So here is what blissful a morning at the Bradford family’s house looks like.

A “Day In The Life” of The Petersen Family

POSTED IN A Day In The Life, Lifestyle May 22, 2012

June 6, 21012

 This family is full of laughter, trying to get them to not smile was like asking a child to not play. Nancy and Nels (mom and dad) are about to be empty nesters. Their son Turner is a senior at Rice University where he plays football. Berkley their daughter is about to head to college in the fall herself. This family is so close, I could tell that this change was going to be very bittersweet for all of them. I had a blast spending the afternoon and dinner with them. I felt like family the whole time.