Tyson and Haffijy | Promo Photos

POSTED IN Music, Personal February 26, 2013

I met Tyson less than a year ago through Trent Bell while he was making a brief visit to the US back to his roots in Norman, OK. Trent and Tyson used to be in a band together called the Chainsaw Kittens. Since Tyson’s Chainsaw Kitten days he has been teaching English to Chinese students and traveling the world. He currently lives in Shanghai. While there he became inspired by a student/violinist Haffijy. Tyson decided to collaborate with Haffijy on a new record and it turned out beautifully. They came back from China to record the album at Trent Bell’s studio, Bell Labs in Norman. They were here for a month and I got to be very close with the both of them. They really are two of the nicest people I have ever met. It was so fun to get to run around town and take pictures and also capture them working in the studio. I will be sure to share a link to the music when it gets released. Enjoy!