A day with Chloe

POSTED IN Seniors December 30, 2013

Chloe Boettger

Senior at Denison High school


When I first met Chloe and her sweet mother Carrie for a lunch time consolation they were stopping by on their way from Stillwater where Chloe plans to attend college. Chloe knew that I typically like to shoot my subjects in their natural environments but Chloe’s natural environment was three 3 hours away in Denison Texas. I wanted to get a feel for how important this was to Chloe before making the drive. When I started to talk to Chloe about her hometown she got emotional. It was real sweet. I could tell this girl LOVES where she lives, and how important it was to her for me to come there. Chloe is a sentimental soul like myself. She spoke of her bedroom where a painting of her grandmothers sits next to her bed, her sweet pet cat, her high school that her dad is the principal at, their football field where her boyfriend plays football while she cheers on the sidelines, even her parking spot where each student is allowed to paint. These were all things I wish I could have had photographed when I was her age, and the reason why I love to do environmental portraiture. I had to go.


Chloe didn’t want just me to come she also wanted my best friend Ronda ( who is a talented makeup artist to come along to do her makeup. So me and Ronda made the drive to Denison this fall and it was TOTALLY worth it. We had so much fun with Chloe, here are some of my favorites from my afternoon with Chloe.

Blakeley Magness

POSTED IN Lifestyle, Seniors May 2, 2013

I have known the Magness family for years. We all went to school together and my mother taught most of the Magness kids in elementary school. When Debbie Magness (Blakeley’s mother) contacted me for senior photos for her youngest I was so excited! I remembered what it felt like to be a senior and wished I could have done something more personal for my senior portraits. I wished I could have had pictures of me in my bedroom in my childhood home. Blakeley liked my location idea and this is exactly where we did them, in her childhood home. Blakeley is so wise beyond her years. Being the youngest of the 6 Magness children has helped mold her into a beautiful well rounded person. It was fun to get to see her again at her older sister Colbie’s wedding that I shot recently. Melrose makeup did a great job on her makeup (even though she didn’t need much at all). :) Please check out Melrose Makeup for any future events you might have that you need a fresh look for!