Kara Sauzek

POSTED IN General, Seniors January 3, 2014

Kara Sauzek

Senior at Heritage Hall Highschool

When I first met Kara it was in her home in Edmond Oklahoma for a consultation. I was floored by this girls beautiful long wavy hair and her down to earth personality. She’s the type of girl that can get along with anyone. Her friends have her heart. I can relate to this.

Kara told me how much she loves music, photography and hunting through local vintage and thrift stores for clothes and treasures. She’s a total free spirit through and through. She told me how she’s the type of girl who wears converses with dresses. LOVED THAT.

The day of the shoot we did some of her in her room amongst her vintage cameras and records. We then went to a wooded area to get her around the fall colors that complimented her earthy vibe. This girl is a total natural in front of the camera. She doesn’t wear makeup (nor does she need it) usually but wanted just a little for photos. My friend Ronda with Melrose Makeup is a pro at feeling out each subject and using the right amount of makeup for the subjects face and balancing that with what they normally wear everyday.

Here are some of my favorites of Kara from our shoot! I hope you enjoy!

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